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Child Protection

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May is Child Protection Month

Connect has earmarked the whole month of May for child protection because we believe it is an issue that needs more public awareness and response. This page is dedicated to Child Protection Month and ideas of how you can become a Child Protection Ambassador, as well as resources for how to care for the children in your families, communities, churches and schools.

Join us as we roll up our sleeves and get stuck in!

Connect Network Child Protection

Green Ribbon Campaign

The Department of Social Development (DSD) chose the color green for child protection because green represents life, growth and the safety of our children. It is a call to give young ones love and hope, to stand up and be committed to child protection and safety. Wearing the green ribbon shows you are an Ambassador for children’s safety and protection in your community and sphere of influence.

The objectives developed by the DSD for Child Protection Week tie in closely with what we as a network hold to:

  • To raise awareness within communities regarding child protection issues, children’s rights and responsibilities.
  •  To create greater awareness and communicate information on child grants and child maintenance.
  •  To provide information on the network of services that impact on child protection.
  •  To strengthen and uphold the responsibility of families and society in the protection of children.
  •  To uphold the government’s commitment to the protection and promotion of children’s rights in partnership with nongovernmental organisations and civil society.

Ideas for Raising Awareness:

  • Tie a green ribbon to your car, fence, gate or door.
  • Cover a tree in green material; add a poster about commitment to child protection so passers-by can be informed.
  • Like and share our Facebook page and Child Protection messages with your friends and family
  • Turn your social media green!
  • Get creative!

Worldwide Weekend of Prayer for Children At Risk

Every year, on the first weekend of June, (which coincides with the end of National Child Protection Week), people from across the globe join together in prayer for the needs of children worldwide.

Hundreds of thousands of adults and children take time to pray as part of their church service, organise specific prayer events in their communities, make the most of a family prayer time, or simply take a few minutes by themselves to quietly reflect and pray throughout the month of May leading up to the weekend of prayer.

For great ideas and topics to pray for, visit


Connect Network are at the forefront for advocating for Child Protection. We encourage our affiliates to become aware of legislation, reporting procedures and points of contact.

The Children’s Act (No. 38 of 2005) is our current legislation with the most information on registration of facilities.

You can download the current amended Children’s Act here:

Other Legislation

Family Violence, Sexual Exploitation and Child Protection (FCS) Units

Child Protection Units aim to render sensitive services which are beneficial to the child victim. FCS Units expanded on the services provided for children to include adult victims of family violence and sexual offences. These centres are a valuable resource for receiving more information about abuse, local referrals, or for reporting abuse. Visit for more information.

National Child Protection Register

These forms can be used by an organisation or individual to determine if the individual’s name is recorded in the National Child Protection register Part B, in accordance with the Children’s Act (No. 38 of 2005):

This guideline, based on multiple legislative documents, provided by Child Line ( summarises the mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse:

Connect Network Child Protection Forms

These are the Connect Network Child Protection Forms. Please make use of them in your organisation:

Additional Resources