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A fully literate nation can build South Africa’s GDP by 25%.


Connect Network affiliates recognise the value and importance of quality Early Childhood Development as the foundation to develop future adults in their ability to read and do maths. To supplement this, after school support for older children helps give them a step-up opportunity to complete their schooling and have access to tertiary education. Not only does proper learning opportunities impact the GDP of the country, it also enables children to think critically, builds social cohesion and improves quality of life. One third of Connect Network is comprised of early Childhood Development Services and 22 organisations provide after school support for more than 10,000 learners.

Our Goal is to ensure the ECD and afterschool centres in the network are offering quality services, are well-connected with each other and within their communities so that they can access resources and work efficiently, and ultimately multiply their services so that each community we work in has a network of education support.

Early Childhood Development (ECD)

The National Development Plan highlights the critical importance of early childhood development in addressing limited education in South Africa. Through collaboration and partnership, we seek to ensure that ECDs are registered and well run, providing a nurturing environment in which learners may receive quality education and care, so that they are Grade 1-ready.

Schools & After-School Support

Connect’s schools offer an alternative to state education where classes are smaller, which is ideal for at-risk children and Homework Clubs provide a space for learners to do their homework in a nurturing and caring environment. They are complimented with assistance from tutors, who often have access to learning resources, helping students to improve their grades.

Download Connect’s 2016 ECD report here.