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Connect Network believes that children deserve the best possible care in order to thrive. Not only are new skills and changes in individual behaviours important in order to achieve this, but it is also imperative that organisations are continuously addressing critical development issues related to systems, structures and processes. Our approach is to equip organisations, churches and people working towards this vision by providing tools, resources, and information needed to strengthen capacity through the Quality Improvement System.

Quality Improvement System

Quality Improvement System (QIS) is a Viva-accredited (link to “Partners” page) organisational capacity
building programme aimed at small to medium sized Christian non-profit organisations working with
children. The goal of the programme is to improve the quality of care and service given to women and
children at risk.

QIS was created and conceptualised in Cape Town in 2000 by Karen Lamprecht (née Hinder). Karen,
being British, took the idea with her back to Viva in Oxford, where together they spent several years
developing the material.

The programme covers six key organisational management areas:

  • Project Planning and Design
  • Governance
  • Financial Accountability
  • Child Protection
  • Child Wellbeing
  • People Care

While the Child Protection and Child Wellbeing modules are specific to organisations working with
children or parents, the other four modules are generic and can benefit any non-profit organisation.
QIS introduces organisations to international nonprofit standards as well as biblical principles in all six
areas. We run three modules in one year, followed by an external verification and the possibility of
accreditation at two levels. The programme is accredited by the UK-based, international network
organisation Viva.

To read more about QIS click here.