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Partners & Donors

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Partners are individuals or organisations with whom we have special working relationships or partnerships.

Active Education Group

The Active Education Group creates programmes that provide holiday activities and childcare for children in the UK. They provide language schools for international students and sports coaching academies. AEG partners with Connect Network to provide Child Ambassadors camps. The aim of these camps is to provide a fun, activity-packed, learning environment for 60 children per year.

Barney ll Foundation

Barney ll Foundation was established by Bill and Sabra Reichardt (from New York, USA) to support, through funding, value based initiatives that focus on the education and wellbeing of children. The foundation was introduced to Connect Network by Viva and has partnered with us in establishing the Connect Small Grants programme since 2009.

Child Protection Collaborative

A civil society child protection movement made up of representative practitioners and professionals from collaborative focus collaboratively on disseminating research, advocacy, and child protection awareness. Connect is a founding partner.

Community Chest

Community Chest engages and collaborates with organisations, concerned citizens and professionals to build resilient and responsive communities where access and opportunities to health, education and income-generation services are advanced. The partnership has resulted in Connect Network being one of the founding organisations of the Western Cape Child Protection Collaborative, an advocacy group for child protection.

Equipped to Serve

Equipped to Serve, Inc., based in the United States, has an agreement with Connect Network to use the South African edition material of The Ministry of Listening: Caring for People in Crisis. The course provides training in basic crisis intervention counseling skills to enable participants to effectively minister to people in crisis

Kerk in Actie

Kerk in Actie is the programme for missionary and diaconal work of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands and 10 smaller churches and ecumenical organisations. Kerk in Actie facilitates relations between local congregations in the Netherlands and churches and organisations abroad regarding the proclamation of the Gospel and promotion of justice. Their partnership with Connect Network is supporting the Safe Community Strategy for children.


Mergon is a private investment group that exists to impact lives, and seeks to equip others to do the same. Mergon and Connect Network have worked in partnership since 2016 in order to further develop the networks ability to make meaningful impact for children.


Viva is a world wide network of Christians working with children at risk working in 21 different countries, supporting thousands of projects working with children at risk in 35 city-wide networks. Viva is the standard bearer for Connect’s Quality Improvement System. Viva and Connect Network are committed at all times to exploring mutually beneficial collaborations through joint programmes.

Western Cape Street Children Form

The WCSCF is a network of organisations working in partnership to create a coordinated, integrated and collaborative sector for children living, working or begging on the street and always acting in the best interest of the child. Through facilitation of partnerships, They aim to identify and fill the GAPS and clear the BLOCKAGES that vulnerable children fall through. They do this through the following 4 Main Areas of Focus: Facilitating Inter-Sectoral Partnerships in Regional Forums, Building Sector Capacity, Lobbying and Advocacy, Public Awareness Campaigns and are partnering with Connect to synergise common efforts to safeguard children.